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It's important that you do your own DD. This is just what I'm hearing from all social media platforms gathered together into one pile of data.

Shorts have not started covering

If you assume the same rate of price increase for each percentage point of short interest covered, then shorts fully covering their position would correspond to a percentage increase of 5188% over $47.91 closing price. That equals to $2485.60/share.


FWIW, just doing some fun math:

  1. 47.91 * 1.83 (83%) <-- We are here
  2. 87.67
  3. 160.44
  4. 293.61
  5. 537.30
  6. 983.26
  7. 1799.36
  8. 3292.83 <-- Way over the info available publicly
  9. 6025.88
  10. 11027.36
  11. 20180.07
  12. 36929.53
  13. 67581.04
  14. 123673.31 <-- #AMC100K
  15. 226322.16
  16. 414169.55
  17. 757930.28
  18. 1387012.42

7/18/2021 Update:

6/20/2021 Update:

  • AMC closed at $60.73 on June 17th. The stock has fundamentally surged despite short sellers attacking it. AMC Entertainment is set up for a short squeeze.
  • The perfect time to buy AMC stock is when the market is red, or what we refer to as on ‘discount’. AMC is looking bullish though, red days might just be over.
  • AMC entertainment continues to be the most heavily shorted stock in the market.
  • AMC’s short borrow fee continues to increase.

Timeline's pushed. We may see weakness into 6/21 of $55. Retest of $65. Overall weakness week with strength again 6/28.

6/13/2021 Update:

The truth is out there

The catalysts:

  • DTCC sunsshine meeting June 7th
  • GME earnings June 9th
  • 21.3m ITM AMC calls expiring June 18th
  • DTCC 005 before June 14th
  • GameStop NFT creation July 14th
  • Ortex Class 3 squeeze warning for AMC
  • Synthetic Longs to create fake covering
  • Naked shorts exposed on CNBC
  • Over 3-6m AMC individual shareholders
  • Hedgies compounding FTD/SI daily
  • AMC is #1 shorted stock Marketwatch
  • Retail investors own 85% of AMC stock
  • AMC #1 highest squeeze ranked
  • FUD on high alert on AMC related subreddits
  • AMC = 97% buyers 3% sellers
  • AMC cannot issue additional shares. All 20m sold.
  • Half of AMC/GME volume shorted via dark pool
  • Ihor Dusaniwsky squeeze score 10/10
  • AMC FINRA squeeze score 99 out of 99
  • Jefferies/TD/BOFA/RJ ban short selling AMC/GME

What to look forward to:

1) We close over 40 on friday and an abnormally large amount of calls get triggered

2) New SEC law likly to pass and be effective on that following Monday, this requires daily/weekly reporting on positions/risk with automated computer takeover of hedge accounts if risk is too high (automated margin call with no people to buy off)

1+2 should be enough to cause end game

3) fed wants 500+ billion back from banks (ergo hedgies) for reverse repo within 2 weeks from now

4) speculation that if we get to $70 share price, margin call triggered.

So a company that is backed in a corner, desprite, and that will go into bankrupcy no matter what, will attack with the rest of the money they have, they dont intend on paying it back (thats why they have insurance) so until the sec pulls the plug, hedgies did bigger hole.

You selling is the ONLY thing that can save them.

Be prepared and hold, buy if you can to end it sooner

6/7/2021 Update:

6/6/2021 Update:

  • Institutions have shorted the market with naked shorts and synthetic instruments during COVID's crash. They doubled down on their belief that some companies would be wiped out - just like in 2008.
  • These institutions borrowed so much in order to make huge profits since the crash and have yet covered their short positions.
  • AMC drama is exposing risks in $11 trillion world of indexing
  • Retail investors in India, South Korea join meme craze for AMC stock
  • CNBC reports AMC ticker as AMCX
  • The Commission ordered the respondent (Robinhood Financial, LLC) to pay a $65,000,000 civil money penalty.

6/5/2021 Update:

  1. 133 million FTD's by shorts
  2. CNBC just admitted to naked shorting on live TV
  3. Apes are holding strong
  4. More brokerages and banks have banned shorting for AMC because they know its too risky (This is good because it creates more and more pressure for those shorts who have short positions on AMC)
  5. HF's are trying to threaten/sue a fellow ape who exposed them on twitter (this means they have a lot to hide)
  6. Multiple credible sources such as Ortex and Fintel have given AMC high squeeze scores. Ortex says "level 3 squeeze" aka the highest level there is and Fintel said 99.92/100 squeeze score.
  7. Darkpool trading exposed that shorts did in fact short the stock today on downtrend candles (even though it was SSR which is illegal)
  8. Multiple youtubers proved/exposed that the short interest coming down & the shares covered isn't real. They found that back when GME "squeezed" they used this same tactic of faking covered shares and in fact they have not covered shares AT ALL (maybe just a few but not 20M+. Watch "short the vix" recent video on youtube for in depth explanation)
  9. Apes grew fatter nuts over the last 2 days with all the manipulation and fake price action.

Reddit: Hedge Funds returned 30m shares on Tuesday this week with another 110m+ still to return. DD

6/4/2021 Update:

  • Well they reloaded. There's still huge support but not enough volume to push it over to our test area. Towards the end of the day, there was a huge spike in dark pool volume. I'm holding onto my call options and have added even more shares.

  • My game plan today is to sell half my 40c around 2PM (or whenever new highs occur) and buy higher calls Monday around 10a-11a.

6/3/2021 Update:

  • The 11.5 million shares proposed will be released slowly. It's about a 3% increase in shares so the company can make a little money along the way. Retail still has 3X the float including synthetics.
  • AMC now features Theatres On Demand. No subscription required!
  • New $145 call options are available

Summary of AA interview & current AMC status:

  1. No more share available to dilute.
  2. We own the float.
  3. Shorts have not covered one single share yet. (91 million shares shorted and 139 million on loan.) So, nothing has changed. That is why we moved from 12$ to 70$. There is no reason to go down.
  4. AMC has 2 billion cash on hand.
  5. The big whales who have bet against the shorts in the stock market are stronger (and they count on ape community) and will push the price up to create a gamma squeeze on a weekly basis until the short squeeze happens. They will not let the price go down. If we close above 50$ on Friday 40 million shares are going to be in the money and most have to be purchased pushing the price up organically and the cycle continues until Aunt Margin calls.
  6. We are stronger than ever. The 30% movement up and down on 6/3 was to play the option market game and millions will be made tomorrow.
  7. The short interest dollar value is ~ 5 billion Dollars now

Prepare for FUD:

Now this is how they get you paperhands. They let you stew in the red all night, where you shill yourself for "believing" in something instead of being greedy and taking profit. Then tomorrow morning they drop again in the red and the "despair" you created inside yourself makes you sell low and buy high. So flip it! We are a family and we care about you because we know how it feels to be trodded on and beat down. We actually love AMC! So HODL through the pain!! APES STRONG TOGETHER!!<3


The following has been circulating around Facebook groups:

AMC was attacked (shorted) because it was easy prey when COVID hit, lock down no revenue, stock drops.

Hedge Funds (HFS) took out short positions to capture profit on this which in normal business is fine. BUT they got greedy and used a legitimate process of creating a share for a temporary process and instead extended it and exploiting it over and over again to attack the value of the stock.

See, if they were successful in bankrupting the company all the synthetic shares would have been 100% profit and they would not have gotten caught.

But the CEO knew they were under attack and on Jan 27th 1.2b shares traded when the float was <200m. This was the tell, it showed there were too many shares on the market.

So the CEO had a proxy vote to vote in 500m more shares which got everyone fired up to vote as they didn't want to dilute the price AND the people shorting it got extremely excited as they assumed AMC needed the money so the dug in again and shorted more!!! With fake shares.

The AMC CEO then comes out days before the vote and said he listened to the 3.2m share holders and because they have enough cash to last past 2022 they will take the shares off the table, no dilution (brilliant!) This trapped the HF who were expecting to get away with there manipulation.

Now there is another vote coming up June 2nd where once again holders will take part in a proxy, and this time all voters info will be captured so there is no doubt to the corruption of the HF.

The SEC and other regulators have been hidden during the blatant price manipulation BUT they have been busy making new rules to control the collapse and also to prevent this from happening again.

Where does that leave us now? 3.2m people would have to own the float many many times over, I myself have over 5k so the HF need to buy back the shorted shares or keep paying interest until the go broke or Margin Called. This is why it is expected to have a huge spike in price. How much who knows?? GME hit 500, and this is much bigger… and brokers won’t intervene this time to stop the squeeze…

So, what happens if the HF goes bankrupt? New rules will control the asset sell of of the offending company to stop a crash of the holdings/market, then there is an insurance policy for these circumstances that has been increased to I believe 70 trillion dollars.

Interesting days are ahead…. This is lined up to be a massive shift In Wealth like the world has never seen before.


(from different posts)

Hear me out! What I’m about to say might blow your mind!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯💎🙌💎🙌

Okay here me out!

What if Adam did this stunt today, to trap more bears?!?

It was all too weird to me that Muds sold out so quickly and also saying it is overvalued!

What if they did that to trap more bears and let the squeeze be even higher!?!?

Bears hear overvalued and jump on amc? We had an increase of 4.44% short interest, that’s insane! Maybe they believed what MuDs said? What if this all apart of the plan! Buy and hodl!

Please share for visibility, I think this as true as it can be!

The theory so far is that they’re hiding their massive short interest in deep OTM puts so about every 35 calendar days after option expiry there’s a forced buy in on failed to delivers. And every 21 trading days there’s a forced buy in on FTDs from shorts as well. Essentially they’re adding to their short position while kicking the can down the road. The T+35 and T+21 were back to back last week which combined with fomo caused the huge push we saw. Next T+21 is 6/24-6/25. This puts us on an overall upward trend line where shorts r fukd

June 2 is the day AMC reveals how many actual shares (and shareholders) there are.

As a shareholder (and one who’s owned AMC shares prior to June 2), you will be able to vote on various positions in the company’s holdings for their July 29 shareholders meeting that was postponed from April/May.


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